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The Role of the State Auditor's Office:

The State Auditor is the state’s chief accountability officer. Her role is to make sure our state government runs better while also ensuring that there is transparency and accountability in the decision-making process of how tax dollars are spent, and policies are made. The Auditor’s Office performs audits that track the performance of state vendors, agencies and departments that can streamline work, save taxpayer money, and identify misspending.


The State Auditor has a powerful role to play in our Commonwealth. The position must lead in terms of financial audits and performance audits, but also in studying and disseminating best practices. It’s not enough to spend money well in a process sense. We must also ensure we are spending money in the right areas, on the most effective programs, so our taxpayers receive the most value for their dollars spent. 


Finally, the State Auditor plays a critical role in identifying and protecting local municipalities and state government from unfunded mandates that can have serious financial implications on localities.

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