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Why I'm Running:

Massachusetts people have too often been left in the dark due to the secretive and inaccessible culture of centralized power on Beacon Hill. Taxpayers across Massachusetts spend billions of dollars each year on State government, on public education, the T and other quasi-governmental agencies. You deserve transparency and accountability into how your money is spent, and how effectively these critical public services are delivered.

I am running for State Auditor to drive an agenda of transparency and accountability for the taxpayers and people who are served by our government. This means financial transparency and accountability, as well as performance. It’s not enough that our money is administered well. We need to make sure every dollar the people put into their government produces more value that produces the most and best outcomes. 


I have spent my life – as a small businesswoman, a non-profit leader and as an elected official – working to make people’s lives better. I have worked to hold Columbia Gas accountable for the disaster they created in the Merrimack Valley, both inside and outside my legislative district. I have worked to ban the longstanding practice of powerful people using non-disclosure agreements to hide their bad behavior. 

As a State Senator, rather than trying to work within the rules of the powerful Beacon Hill establishment, I have taken it on – fighting for increased transparency, equity, accountability and accessibility for all.

As State Auditor, our team will spend every working hour searching for, reporting on and preventing financial loss. We will work tirelessly to improve the performance of your government. We will report on what’s going right and what’s going wrong, so you know what is being done with your tax dollars.  You deserve nothing less.

I will begin by auditing the Baker Administration’s actions during the pandemic crisis. The millions of taxpayer dollars spent on no-bid contracts during the failed vaccine rollout requires greater transparency. I will also launch an audit into the tragedy surrounding the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home.

Our communities deserve a State Auditor who is not afraid to speak truth to power and who has the proven track record of standing up for what’s right even when it means standing alone.

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