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Ballot Initiative to

Audit the MA Legislature

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  • The Massachusetts State Auditor is independently elected by the voters and responsible for auditing state taxpayer-funded entities.

  • Every state entity has cooperated with regular audits by the State Auditor, except for one:

The Massachusetts State Legislature.

  • Because of the Legislature’s refusal to cooperate, countless residents collected over 75k signatures in 2023 to compel the Legislature to be audited.

  • The Legislature, again, chose to oppose our efforts.

  • We must now collect another nearly 13k signatures to get this issue on the November 2024 ballot.

  • We’re asking volunteers to help us collect these additional signatures which are due in early June.

  • These signatures will only count if they come from voters who didn’t already sign one of our petitions from last year.

  • You can collect signatures by asking friends and family to sign. You can bring these sheets to BBQs & parties, stand at supermarkets, and/or join our volunteer teams for Days of Action around the state.

  • Please submit any petitions you have to your clerk’s office by June 18th.

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