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Ballot Initiative to

Audit the MA Legislature

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  • The Massachusetts State Auditor is independently elected by the voters of the state and is tasked with auditing over 200 state departments, agencies, and entities.

  • Every state entity has cooperated with regular audits by the State Auditor except for one: the Massachusetts State Legislature.

  • Despite a long history of being audited, current Beacon Hill leaders are now refusing to be audited.

  • During this time of reduced transparency, we’ve seen power centralized on Beacon Hill and a lack of accountability surrounding the use of our tax dollars.

  • We deserve to know how our tax dollars are being spent and ask voters to make it crystal clear: the State Legislature should comply with an audit.

  • Over 13,000 voters must sign the petition to have this question placed on the 2024 ballot.

  • If approved, it would more explicitly compel the Legislature to participate in these audits that promote transparency, accountability, equity, and accessibility.

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