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Candidate for State Auditor Diana DiZoglio Picks Up Major Endorsements as Caucus Season Heats Up

Congresswoman Trahan and State Senators Cronin, Finegold, Gobi, Kennedy and

Moore join growing list of endorsements from across the Commonwealth

(BOSTON)State Senator and Candidate for Auditor Diana DiZoglio today received the first Congressional level endorsement of the Auditor’s campaign by gaining the support of Congresswoman Lori Trahan. Joining her were State Senators John Cronin, Barry Finegold, Anne Gobi, Edward Kennedy and Michael Moore. They join previous endorser, Senator Marc Pacheco in supporting DiZoglio. Diana continues to be the only candidate for Auditor with support from organized labor as well.

Congresswoman Lori Trahan: “Diana DiZoglio is a champion for the communities she's represented at the State House over the past decade – never backing down from a fight to clean up the Merrimack River, protect women’s rights, or expand access to quality, affordable health care. Her tireless commitment to delivering real results is rooted in her personal experience, one that she shares with so many working families in Massachusetts. As our next State Auditor, I know she’ll continue drawing on that experience and persistence to create a Commonwealth that works for all of us. I’m proud to endorse Diana for State Auditor of Massachusetts.”

“Born to a 17-year-old single mom, I waitressed my way through community college and earned a scholarship to Wellesley to become the first in my family to graduate,” said DiZoglio. “I worked hard to become one of 46 women to ever be elected to the Senate and have been humbled at the opportunity to serve my community. Leaders like Congresswoman Trahan are supporting my campaign because I am the only candidate in this race who has trained and prepared to be your State Auditor. I have spent 10 years holding state agencies accountable, reducing waste in government spending, and fighting for working families like the one I grew up in. As a State Representative and now the youngest women serving in the State Senate, I’ve taken on some goliath challenges and delivered strong results. As Auditor, I’ll fight like hell to give every family in Massachusetts access to opportunities to succeed by holding government leaders and state agencies accountable to you.”

Senator John J. Cronin: "After the tragic loss of life at the Holyoke Soldiers Home, Senator DiZoglio led efforts to demand accountability from our state government. At a time when we lose more veterans to suicide than service members in combat, Diana has championed increased access to mental health services for veterans and their families. I know as the Commonwealth's next Auditor Diana will be a relentless advocate to identify unmet needs in our veteran community and ensure those who served us receive the services and dignity they deserve."

Senator Barry Finegold: “Diana knows that a quality education allows people to excel, to rise above their present circumstances to fulfil their natural human potential. She knows it, because she lived it herself. From growing up in Lawrence and Methuen and attending public schools, to Middlesex Community College and a scholarship to Wellesley College, Diana is a model in how investments in education can lead to the greatest possible outcomes for people. I have been proud to be her colleague in the State Senate, and I am thrilled that someone with her passion, commitment and ability is running for State Auditor.”

Senator Anne M. Gobi: "I am supporting Diana because as Senate Chair of the Higher Education Committee I want a partner as State Auditor who is a true and proven supporter of our Community Colleges and College and University system for our students today and the future. Diana understands that an affordable public higher education system is a critical investment in our future because she has lived that journey. She will audit the system to ensure that our tax dollars are being spent equitably and benefit as many students in need as possible."

Senator Michael Moore: “I can think of nobody better to serve as our next State Auditor than Diana DiZoglio. Diana has been the leading voice in the Legislature when it comes to demanding transparency and accountability. The Auditor serves as our Chief Accountability Officer and Diana has been doing just that in the State Senate. She understands that it is critical we detect and prevent waste in government and ensure our tax dollars produce the most value they can to better the lives of our friends and neighbors.”


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