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Diana DiZoglio’s former opponent is rooting for her to win

The Democratic auditor’s bid to scrutinize the Legislature wins applause from Anthony Amore, the Republican she beat last year.

By Jeff Jacoby

As a candidate for state auditor in 2022, Democrat Diana DiZoglio promised that if elected, she would audit the Legislature. “No branch of government, especially the Legislature, should be above the law and exempt from accountability,” she said.

That was not a promise calculated to win friends among the imperious legislative leadership, which cherishes its authoritarian power and hides behind a culture of closed-door secrecy so opaque that Massachusetts arguably has the least transparent state government in America. It was, however, in keeping with DiZoglio’s history of butting heads with the Legislature’s Democratic bosses, which became something of a trademark during her 10 years as an elected lawmaker...


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