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DiZoglio the real deal

A SEASONED pol at the Gallagher event who has won numerous elections said DiZoglio is the real deal who can win the auditor’s race.

“She’s energetic, she’s intelligent, she’s a fast learner and she’s not afraid to take on the establishment,” the pol said. “She’s got the chops to be an effective state auditor.”

DiZoglio has raised her profile in recent months and caught the attention of would-be supporters as she’s called on the auditor to launch an independent review of the deadly coronavirus outbreak at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home and the governor’s handling of contracts — particularly for mass vaccination sites — amid the pandemic emergency.

Previously, DiZoglio made headlines when the Senate passed her proposal to end the use of taxpayer-paid nondisclosure agreements throughout state government, but the initiative fell on deaf ears in the House and governor’s office.


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