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Boston Globe: On Beacon Hill, DiZoglio has shown courage by standing up to leadership

As recently highlighted in The Boston Globe, I'm known as an independent voice, taking on the Beacon Hill establishment regardless of party affiliation. Now, I'm running for State Auditor to open up state government to everyone, no matter our background, bank balance or zip code.

My campaign to be the People's Auditor is rooted in the belief that we need more accountability and transparency in state government. Unlike my opponents, I've committed to auditing the Legislature because I firmly believe that every public official — including Beacon Hill insiders — should be held accountable to their constituents. Beacon Hill insiders are less than thrilled about this. They want to maintain the status quo and protect their powerful friends. But this movement is not about them — it's about us. And I will be an Auditor who courageously fights for everyday people. Standing up for what's right has been my life's work. And as the Commonwealth's chief accountability officer, this mission will only deepen. I will lead the charge on bringing transparency, accountability and equity to state government, and use the powers of the office to make meaningful change for the people of Massachusetts.


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