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Key Transportation Groups Endorse Diana DiZoglio for State Auditor

Cite her dedication to MBTA employees and the safety of our transportation system

(BOSTON) – The Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589 and the MBTA Inspectors Union Local 600 have endorsed Diana DiZoglio’s campaign for State Auditor today. Both unions cited that the Massachusetts State Auditor is the chief accountability officer for our state government and the need for someone with Diana’s proven and strong track record standing up for public transportation oversight and accountability.

“Diana has spent her entire career as an advocate for transparency, accountability and a government without wasteful spending,” said Boston Carmen's Union President James Evers. “She has demanded accountability from MBTA leadership on everything from recent train derailments to short-sighted fare increase proposals. She has stood shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of the Boston Carmen's Union to address the systemic failures and other challenges we face in our public transportation systems. Diana has never forgotten that working families are in critical need of an equitable and strong transportation system that runs on-time, efficiently and safely. We are fully confident that she will be a State Auditor who will hold any administration accountable by protecting the public and our members.”

“MBTA Inspectors Union Local 600 would like to extend our formal endorsement of Diana’s candidacy for State Auditor,” said Local 600 President Michael S. Fernandez. “As Senator of the First Essex district, her record reflects a commitment to fighting for working families. Local 600 greatly appreciates her most recent work to fight for MBTA frontline workers to be included in the essential employee fund being set up under new legislation that disperses Federal ARPA funding. Too often, our hardworking MBTA essential workers are not acknowledged for the sacrifices that our work demanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has also demonstrated a commitment to upholding a safe public transit system. As frontline Inspectors and Chief Inspectors of the MBTA, our union members are the safety agents that help keep our dilapidated system running safely on a daily basis. We look forward to her tenacious advocacy on this issue.”

“The men and women of the MBTA work under some of the most challenging conditions,” said Diana DiZoglio. “That has never been truer than during this COVID-19 pandemic. I am honored and humbled to have their overwhelming support. As State Senator, I’ve been proud to fight alongside our transportation workers. As State Auditor, I will work to ensure that every penny sent to our public transportation system is spent efficiently, wisely and with a vision toward the future.”

About Diana: Diana DiZoglio is a candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor and the current State Senator for Massachusetts’ First Essex District, which includes the Cities of Amesbury, Haverhill, Methuen and Newburyport, the Towns of Merrimac and Salisbury and portions of the Town of North Andover.

As the daughter of a single mother who had her at 17, Diana has always had to fight for the things that have mattered to her. A student of Massachusetts public schools, she went to Middlesex Community College. She later earned a financial scholarship to Wellesley College.

After serving in the legislature as an aide, and years of work for local nonprofits and community organizations, she won her first race for public office in 2012. Diana served three terms as State Representative for the 14th Essex District. In 2018 was elected to the State Senate.

Currently, Diana serves as the Chair of the Joint Committee on Export Development and Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, where she uses her experience as a champion for the people of Massachusetts to advocate for transparency and accountability in our halls of power.

She is running for higher office to make sure that no one — no matter their background, bank balance or zip code — receives different treatment on Beacon Hill. She will use her experience to fight for transparency and accountability for the people of Massachusetts.


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