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Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts unanimously endorses Diana DiZoglio for State Auditor

Cites her longstanding commitment to working families, transparency and accountability

(BOSTON) – The Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts has formally endorsed Diana DiZoglio for State Auditor. The PFFM represents over 12,000 members and 223 cities and towns across Massachusetts. State Senator DiZoglio formally met with the PFFM last week to discuss her years in the legislature, standing up to the political insiders who have taken organized labor’s support for granted for far too long.

"We admire Diana's fighting spirit as a relentless advocate for working families. This will serve all Massachusetts residents well as our next State Auditor as she calls for transparency and accountability across government. Diana has earned our endorsement with her strong record in the legislature, supporting the most critical issues to firefighters and our families." - Rich MacKinnon, PFFM President
“As Auditor, I will ensure that organize labor has their voices heard and a seat at the table. This endorsement is a personal one for me,” said DiZoglio. “The PFFM is like a second family to me. I will proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with them to hold Beacon Hill accountable as we advocate for greater transparency in government.”


About Diana: Diana DiZoglio is a candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor and the current State Senator for Massachusetts’ First Essex District, which includes the Cities of Amesbury, Haverhill, Methuen and Newburyport, the Towns of Merrimac and Salisbury and portions of the Town of North Andover.

As the daughter of a single mother, who had her at 17, Diana has always had to fight for the things that have mattered to her. A student of Massachusetts public schools, she went to Middlesex Community College. She later earned a financial scholarship to Wellesley College.

After serving in the legislature as an aide, and years of work for local nonprofits and community

organizations, she won her first race for public office in 2012. Diana served three terms as State Representative for the 14th Essex District. In 2018 was elected to the State Senate.

Currently, Diana serves as the Chair of the Joint Committee on Export Development and Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, where she uses her experience as a champion for the people of Massachusetts to advocate for transparency and accountability in our halls of power.

She is running for higher office to make sure that no one — no matter their background, bank balance or zip code — receives different treatment on Beacon Hill. She will use her experience to fight for transparency and accountability for the people of Massachusetts.


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